SMQOTD: Would you change your wedding?

Survey: Most women would change something

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It's the most special day of a woman's life and it usually only happens once.

But a majority of women say they would change something about their wedding day if they had the chance, according to a study by

1,000 women were asked if they could tie the knot again would they change something, and 82% said yes.

The top regrets were:

  • Best man's speech: 52%
  • Hair and makeup: 38%
  • The weather: 33%
  • Wedding dress: 32%
  • Honeymoon destination: 31%
  • Poor wedding pictures: 30%
  • Engagement ring: 24%
  • Bridesmaids: 21%
  • Bouquet: 17%

Only 18% say they had the perfect wedding day and wouldn't change a thing.

So today on our Facebook pages we are asking you, what annoys you the most? Is it something on the list? Or is it completely different?

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