Green is good


The bathroom is the room is where we begin and end each day, with a variety of cleaning routines that are designed to help us maintain personal hygiene and health. So, why not promote good health, and go green in your bathroom?

Installing a new bathtub over the top of the old one eliminates the need to rip out old fixtures. This lightens the load for already overburdened landfills.

If a wall system is placed over the top of the old one, it will further reduce the amount of debris that needs disposal.

Acrylic tubs are good insulators for keeping water hotter for longer and saving energy. Also, acrylic materials last a lifetime, which means no need to replace them and less waste in landfills. So make your bathroom a greener place. Making your bathroom green will help make the planet greener, your home healthier, and your personal health more robust.


Information provided by: Bath Fitter