Should I have the foundation of my home inspected?

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Foundation problems are the result of changes that can occur in the soils surrounding your home. So here is what to look for to determine if you need someone to come out and do an evaluation on your home:

Cracks- Cracks in your sheet rock, brick or mortar or the floors in your home.

Window Separation-Gaping between the window and the frame may be an indication you have a foundation issue. Sticking windows can also be a clue that you have a foundation problem.

Issues with Doors-Doors that stick at the top of the frame or will not latch or even doors that swing rapidly or on their own could be a foundation related issue.

Plumbing Problems-If you have plumbing problems under your home, this could be a sign of a foundation issue.

Roofing Problems-Problems with the roof of your home can be a foundation issue. As your foundation settles it puts stress on the structure of your home by stretching out the roof beyond its tolerance level.


Although many people understand foundation problems exist with old homes, it is estimated 15% of new homes may have foundation concerns. The main reasons homes have foundation issues are:

Sinkhole Activity

Poor Construction

Homes Built on Poorly Compacted Fill Soils

Expansive Soils Damaging the Home

Deteriorating/Inadequate Supports

If you suspect you have some type of foundation concern at your home, call a professional foundation company and have your home inspected.