Why choose vinyl fencing?


1.      Durability – vinyl fence will not warp or get consumed by insects. Best Fence Company buys virgin vinyl from Enduris Extrusions and custom fabricates your fence style to your yard's specifications. Enduris provides a lifetime warranty on their vinyl and Best Fence backs up our installation with a three year labor warranty.

2.    Low Maintenance – easily cleaned with mild soap and water to remove dirt, bird droppings and spider webs. No painting or staining is required. No rotting pickets or rails to replace.

3.    Style – vinyl fence is available in dozens of styles from full privacy to open picket. Your decorative vinyl fence can fit your needs whether you're accentuating your garden, building a pool, planning a playground or just want to secure your pet.

4.    Value – While the initial price of wood is less, the continuing cost of maintenance makes Vinyl fence a better choice in the long run. Of course, you also save yourself the hassle of doing all that work.

5.     Strength – Heavy walled extrusion Vinyl from Best Fence Company is virtually impervious to Florida's hot, humid weather and highly corrosive saltwater. Plus, Best Fence Company concretes each post in 30-40 pounds of concrete for long lasting resilience. 

Selecting Vinyl fence for your home adds value to your property in a beautiful way. Whatever your fence needs, there are dozens of Vinyl fence choices available to provide peace of mind and long lasting appeal.   

Information provided by: Best Fence