Air conditioner cages...a smart decision

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Imagine sitting in your house or business and slowly starting to feel the temperature reach an uncomfortable level. Your standing in front of the thermostat and realize that that the inside temperature does not match what you have it set for. There's a problem. What can I check? Is the thermostat broken? These are questions any normal person would ask in this situation. Now imagine going outside to see if the outside unit is running and realize that it is completely gone. Or worse, looking at a carcass of what used to be your air conditioner, ravaged and scattered across the yard like a bomb had went off inside it. This is what happens every single day because of air conditioner theft.

Why me? What made my air conditioner so desirable? The problem of air conditioner theft is not a new one and the thieves do not discriminate. A/C units have been stolen for years, mostly in times past due for a quick sale to a shady contractor who will then re-sell it to someone needing air conditioning. However, now that the economy is struggling and copper prices are at all time highs, the focus has shifted to quick Snatch-N-Grab thefts and the units are stripped of the copper and sold to scrap yards for pennies on the dollar. The thief gets maybe $30-$50 dollars for an air conditioner that costs you upwards of $3500 or more to replace. This also means no air conditioning or heat. Having no A/C in your home for a while is bad enough, imagine having to conduct business or hold church in the freezing cold or unbearable heat. 

This problem in compounded by the need of a replacement unit right away, but the fear of leaving it exposed again. The crooks will be overjoyed to see that you supplied them with another unit unless they see that you have it protected with an air conditioner cage. The mere sight of an A/C cage would likely send most crooks down the road to seek an easier target. This alone gives you the advantage over other theft deterrents such as alarms, GPS, or simple lighting. These methods help, but do not actually keep your air conditioner from being stolen. An air conditioner enclosure is by far the best deterrent you can purchase to protect your property and give yourself peace of mind.  

Information provided by: Property Armor