Fun Mosquito Facts

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The average female mosquito is the size and weight of a grape seed, but our Florida mosquitoes come in all shapes and sizes. From the giant "feather-legged gallinippers", that drove early Central
Florida cowpokes into a whip-cracking frenzy, to tiny, jewel-like monsters that drive modern South Florida bromeliad growers crazy. Male mosquitoes can be identified by their feathered antennae, which act as their "ears", and he can only hear one thing- the whine produced by the wings of a female mosquito of his species. This caused a big problem in a generator in Canada. It continually kept clogging
up with insects and shutting down. Finally they called in an entomologist who told them that, the insects where all male "Aedes Canadensis" mosquitoes. They were attracted to the whine of the fly wheel
because the pitch sounded exactly like the whine of the female's mosquitoes' wings. They changed the weight of the flywheel, which changed the pitch of the whine and Bingo!
No more mosquitoes!

Information provided by: Nature's Way Pest Control