Garage additions

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Do you need more room in your home?  A garage addition may be an economical way to go.


 Do you think that a garage is a boring box to store your car?  A well planned Garage addition can:

·         Protect your cars from Storm damage and theft

·         Create a tremendous amount of clean, dry storage space on the walls and in the


·          Include a Workshop space for projects/hobbies

·         Become a Playroom.  A  garage may be used as a temporary place for a  Ping Pong table, Home gym or Bar/entertainment center

·         Home Office

·         New Living Space.  With some pre planning you can build a garage addition today

that can easily be converted to a new Family room or Guest Suite in the future.


Once your new garage addition becomes your place for storage and other activities your home will have more space to re purpose for your lifestyle!

Information provided by: Poli Construction