How to help your AC unit work for you

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Your home's air conditioning unit serves one purpose: to remove the humidity from inside your home. You've heard the phrase, "it's not the heat, and it's the humidity". And nothing could be more accurate.

One way to help your air conditioning unit do its job is to improve the insulation levels, properly shade your windows and reduce the air leakage of your home. This will reduce the energy levels used by your air conditioning unit to cool your home. Unfortunately, these home improvement steps may be a bigger investment than you are willing to make.

So a simpler way is reduce the electrical output inside your home by shutting off un-needed electrical appliances, lights and equipment. You should also shift your appliance use to cooler times of the day. Washers and dryers use significant more electricity during hotter parts of the day. Buying Energy Star or similar efficiency appliances helps as well.

Also, be sure to unplug any electrical device not be used on a daily basis. And when it comes time to put on a new roof or put in new windows, make sure to use high-efficiency products.

But proper maintenance to your air conditioning unit will be the easiest way to reduce your cooling costs. Many local heating and cooling dealers have maintenance programs that are cost effective and affordable. These programs save you time and money because your unit will work more efficiently and last longer before requiring a replacement. And many of these service programs allow you to buy the parts for the unit at a discounted cost.

Information provided by: Preferred Services