Water: Did you know?

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Water is used in a number of ways that you would never expect. From automobile tires to hamburgers, water is essential in the production of many everyday items. Here are just a few examples, as well as some other water-related trivia.

How much water does it take to process a quarter pound of hamburger?
Approximately one gallon

How much water is used to produce a single day's supply of U.S. newsprint?
300 million gallons

What is the total amount of water used to manufacture a new car, including new tires?
39,090 gallons per car
How much water must a dairy cow drink to produce one gallon of milk?
Four gallons

How much water is used during the growing/production of french fries?
6 gallons

Does water regulate the earth's temperature?
Yes (it is a natural insulator)

How long can a person live without food?
More than a month 

How long can a person live without water?
Approximately one week, depending upon conditions

How much of the human body is water?

How much of the earth's surface is water?

How much of the earth's water is suitable for drinking water?

Is it possible for me to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era?
Yes - water is constantly recycled

How much water does the average residence use during a year?
Over 100,000 gallons (indoors and outside)

How much water does an individual use daily?
Over 100 gallons (all uses)

How many community public water systems are there in the United States?

How much water do these utilities process daily?
38 billion gallons

How many miles of pipeline and aqueducts are in the United States and Canada?
Approximately one million miles, or enough to circle the earth 40 times

Where was the first municipal water filtration works opened and when?
Paisley, Scotland in 1832

Of the nation's community water supplies, what percentage are investor-owned?
15 %

How much water is used to flush a toilet?
2-7 gallons

How much water is used in the average five-minute shower?
15-25 gallons

How much water is used on the average for an automatic dishwasher?
9-12 gallons

On the average, how much is used to hand wash dishes?
9-20 gallons

How much water drops with an inch of rain on one acre of ground?
27,154 gallons, which weighs 113 tons

Information provided by A&B Marketing, exclusive distributer of Rainsoft, & Courtesy of the United States Environmental Protection Agency