What does your contractor guarantee?

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A small percentage of contractors nationwide offer the ultimate level of protection against potential problems a homeowner might experience - a Money Back Guarantee. In the event there is a problem with your project that cannot be corrected with reasonable measures, the contractor agrees to refund your money and restore your home to its original condition. This is not a guarantee for an incapable contractor; however, to protect yourself at the highest level, insist on this important guarantee.

Only a company thoroughly confident in their abilities would offer a transferable Lifetime Warranty. Taking care of customers quickly and efficiently is vitally important in maintaining longevity in the community. You should never have to speak to an answering service or wait for days to get a response. Your message should be received by a live person and quickly taken care of. Naturally, you will want to check the stability and reputation of the contractor to make sure he'll be around to fulfill the warranty if necessary.

Information provided by: Lifetime Enclosures