Why Retractable Awnings?

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Having a retractable awning creates your own beautiful "outdoor room" where you and your guests can relax in perfect comfort anytime you choose – yet retracts easily when you want to enjoy the sun, all at a touch of a button.
Retractable awnings:
• Save you money by reducing your home's energy consumption
• Offer a long-term outdoor space solution at a lower cost than a home addition
• Create an upscale outdoor living room with shape, dimension and color that fits your home décor. Provide customized control for when you want the sun & when you don't

A retractable awning can create an instantly cool relaxing haven from the sun's rays. In addition, retractables are extremely user-friendly. Depending on your budget and need, select manual or automatic, remote or sensor-activated controls that allow awnings to be easily opened and closed from inside and outside. Sensor-controlled awnings feature wind and sun sensors that will automatically retract or extend the awning - even when nobody is home. Awnings block the energy of the sun before it is allowed to pass through the window and get trapped in the home. Awnings can provide between $93 & $217 of annual savings of cooling costs.
Why not extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors…with a retractable awning you can! At the touch of a button you can have shade on demand!

Information provided by Boree Canvas Unlimited