Big name employeers attend veteran job fair

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – RecruitMilitary held a veteran job fair Thursday to help Jacksonville's former service members get back into the civilian workforce.

About 35 companies from Jacksonville and across the region and nation attended to fair at EverBank Field. Some of those hiring are big corporate names, including Bank of America, Home Depot, McDonalds and Walgreens.

Recruit-Military says veterans sometimes have a hard time finding work after getting out of the service, and that needs to change.

"Today is important because... this is a way for veterans to find out what companies are out there actually looking to bring them on, because it can be tough, transitions skills, coming out of the service," said Robert Walker, vice president of sales of RecruitMilitary. "I was in infantry, and it was tough when I got out in 1996."

If you missed the veterans' job fair, the open positions are posted online you can still look at opening positions online. You can sign up to view the job by visiting