Google to offer view of all Florida's coastline

2 teams walking Florida's beaches carrying 360-degree camera packs

Trekker Gregg Matthews walks into the sun on St. Georgia Island.
Trekker Gregg Matthews walks into the sun on St. Georgia Island. (Visit Florida photo by Colin Hackley)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – If you want to know what a beach in any part of Florida looks like, you'll be able to see that online soon.

Visit Florida has partnered with Google for the project, sharing the cost.

Trekkers outfitted with Google's Street View camera mounted in backpacks are walking Florida's beaches -- from Perdido Key to Naples, Fernandina Beach to Key West.

Two camera teams have been walking Florida's beaches since July to visually map more than 800 miles of beaches.

They began their odyssey at Gulf Islands National Seashore on July 15 and, covering about 50 miles a week, should finish, in South Florida, later this month.

The Street View camera's 15 lenses capture images every 2.5 seconds, creating the panoramas now familiar with Internet browsers.

What happens when the camera teams stumble upon one of Florida's nude beaches?

"Well, our Visit Florida" team ran across a couple of those beaches," Visit Florida Director Will Seccombe explained. "They will be blurred out just like the license plates on street cam for Google."

The pictures are supposed to go live on Google in January.

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