Landlord evicts Latitude 360 from Southside location

Company owes almost $3 million in back rent, landlord says


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Latitude 360 has been evicted from its location near the Avenues Mall, according to court documents.

A lawsuit filed by 30 West Pershing LLC of Kansas City, Missouri, against the company that owns Latitude 360 -- formerly Latitude 30 -- alleges that the entertainment and restaurant company owes almost $3 million in back rent dating from December 2012.

The entertainment business, which offered bowling, arcade games, a movie theater, and a restaurant and bar, also owes the city more than $132,000 in property taxes from 2014. The Tax Collector's Office said the company has been up to date on a payment plan that involved $10,000 monthly payments. The last payment was made in December.

The company must continue paying, even though it's closed, or it can be sued for garnishment.

The landlord asked a judge to evict Latitude 360 from the building on Philips Highway across from the Avenues Mall and to let it take possession of all the equipment, furniture, appliances and other belongings on the premises.

The eviction was finalized Wednesday, and Latitude 360 and the 360 Grille were closed.

Movers were seen removing all the equipment and furniture from the building on Thursday.

Confused employees showed up for work on Thursday, not knowing that the business was closed. They found a note on the door saying:

"The Latitude 360 family would like to thank Jacksonville for an amazing five years.

"Unfortunately we have had to make an extremely difficult decision and have closed this location.

"We will never forget that Jacksonville is where we started and grew the Latitude 360 concept. We will always cherish the memories and great times we were a part of with our Jacksonville fans."

The employees said they just want to know if they're going to get paid.

"I walk up and I see signs all over the door when just yesterday it was just open and today we're not,” Allen Thomas said. “Livid, that's how I feel about that, very livid.”

Thomas said he has been an employee of Latitude 360 for more than a year.

"This place used to be packed. Everyone would come and have a good time, a couple of drinks, eat, laugh,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he saw managers driving past the business on Thursday, but they wouldn't stop to talk to him.

"(They) rode right past,” Thomas said. “(They) rode in a full circle to see who was here and immediately left."

Most of the employees said they had heard about Latitude 360's financial issues but they never thought the business would close suddenly. They just want to get more information from managers.

"I just want to know what's going on with my paycheck, my last paycheck, if we even get it,” Thomas said. "Now that I don't have a job, I don't know what happens from here."

Latitude 360 in Indianapolis also faced financial troubles in paying rent to 30 West Pershing LLC and was shut down Thursday as well.

The lawyers involved in the case have not yet returned calls seeking comment.