Paying more at the pump

Gas prices rising to highest price in almost 2 years

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you've noticed that you're paying more at the pump, you aren't alone. Florida gas prices have been skyrocketing over the last few weeks. They are now the highest they've been in nearly two years.

You might be wondering if prices are expected to stay this high?  A representative from AAA said it's hard to say for sure and it a wait and see game.

AAA also said that over the next couple months, if oil prices go over $60 a barrel, gas prices could reach as high as $2.70. If they stay below $50 a barrel, prices could keep going down. That number could even get back down to about $2.25.

In the River City, people are paying attention. Drivers are already thinking about cost when it comes to planning for the summer.

On a typical day, it's hard not to notice how much the price of gas has gone up and how the numbers constantly change from pump to pump.

"Well, they fluctuate so much. There's just a big fluctuation,” said Ken Amdahl.

It’s a fluctuation that is adding up. Gas prices in Florida are at their highest for the first time in nearly two years.

It’s the reason why Ken Amdahl hasn’t gone out much, even with his motorcycle.

"We stay home. It just costs too much when you figure everything else," said Amdahl.

With gas around $2.42, Jacksonville is on the low end for averages in the state. Finding a deal is key.

News4Jax checked GasBuddy.com for the lowest price.  The cheapest in Jacksonville were found in Westside neighborhoods, at gas stations like:

  • Chevron at San Juan and Hyde Park Boulevard
  • Chevron at Timuquana and Catoma
  • The Safari Food Store at 103rd and Ricker Road

These locations all had prices at $2.29.

Something to keep in mind- you might see a good gas price on the sign facing the street. But remember, that might be the cash price. If you're paying with a card, it might actually be more.

Looking at some other local communities, the lowest price in St. Augustine was $2.29 at the Citgo on US-1 South and Shore Drive.

In Yulee, the lowest price was $2.37 at the Marathon on FL-200 and I-95.

In Orange Park, the lowest was $2.35 at the Murphy USA station on Blanding Boulevard near Ridgewood Avenue.

As we inch closer to summer, AAA advises people to pay attention to the prices to help make the most out of their summer plans.

You can always keep an eye on prices through www.GasBuddy.com.


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