Florida offers website to help college graduates find jobs


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Fretting over what job you may get following college is one of the biggest fears of many college students. Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, Department of Education and the Florida Chamber Foundation are trying to change that. 

The groups have created a new interactive tool aimed at helping high schoolers easily find what specific college degrees cost and what paycheck to expect upon completion. 

The “Launch My Career Florida” project uses data from various sources to create a single place to show students and parents what to expect regarding wages, employment potential, and growth or decline in a given job field. 

Additionally, the website and mobile phone app shows what colleges and universities offer specific degrees while letting students know how much time it will take to break even on their financial investment in school. 

University of Florida sophomore Mary Katherine Delegal changed majors four times during her freshman year.  She hopes the new tool will help teens choose a career path more quickly.

“Before this, people would get stuck in a major and maybe realize by their junior year that they don’t like it because they find out what the career option are and they’re not thrilled with it," Delegal said.

Florida Chamber Foundation Executive Vice President Tony Carvajal said there are plenty of high paying jobs in Florida. He feels some students just need extra guidance in order to get them.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to get off of the family payroll and move into the workforce. A site like this allows you to understand that with an art degree or a psychology degree or a history degree, those are all great things that you may be passionate about, but how do you apply those in the real world?” Carvajal said.

The Launch My Career Florida website and app were launched this fall. 

The goal is to get families, high school guidance counselors, and even adults looking for a career change to find job fields with the best growth potential and highest paycheck.