Two-thirds of Americans stressed out over paying bills

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Jacksonville, Fla. – Americans are more anxious than ever over bill payments. 

The American Psychiatric Association says two-thirds of those surveyed say they are extremely or somewhat anxious about paying bills. 

The national anxiety score is 51, one a scale of zero to 100. That's down five points from last year. 

The study also found women are more anxious than men. 57 percent of women, 18 to 49 years old, reported being more stressed out, compared to 38 percent of men. 

Stagnant wages, high debt and high housing costs are contributing factors for Americans having more stress. 

The survey also looked at what other factors stress out Americans:

68 percent say they are anxious about keeping themselves and their family safe.
56 percent were stressed out about the impact of politics on their daily life. 

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