2019 college graduates enjoying best job market in 50 years

Newest generation getting better offers and salaries than 2018 graduates

The most recent college graduates will find the best job market in years with an 11% hiring increase and improved salaries than those offered to 2018 graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

CNBC reports the enhanced job market rose among most industries, except for wholesale trade. Most positions are also offering better pay than last year, especially for STEM degree holders.

Engineering remains the top paid entry-level major in 2019, with an average starting salary of $69,188 that rose by more than 4% from 2018. Engineering was followed by computer science and math.

The change has also been found to have given recent graduates the confidence to pursue careers not based on salary alone, according to a separate report by Indeed.com. This has steered students away from traditional high-paying positions and led them toward arts and social service careers instead.

The only bad news for 2019 graduates is that student loans and financial burdens remain on the rise. According to the Federal Reserve, college loan balances in the U.S. have jumped to $1.5 trillion, with an average debt of $30,000 per student.

CNBC experts advise newly minted graduates to use networking in their favor to leverage better chances at finding work and to bypass technology for a more personal approach.