Dell, Eyesafe debut products with blue-light defeating technology

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Dell and Eyesafe are working together on new computer screens that filter out blue light.

This can help reduce the damage that blue computer screens can do to eyes. According to the Eyesafe website, select models from Dell’s Alienware, G-Series, and XPS product lines, will be the world’s first PCs with Eyesafe display.

The blue-light defeating screen technology made its laptop debut Computex 2019.

“The integration of effective blue light management is a critical step towards long-term health, especially as device use only continues to increase,” said Dr. David Friess, an optometrist on the Vision Health Advisory Board. “In developing Eyesafe® standards, we reviewed the latest research, consulted with display engineers and color scientists, and identified the technical requirements necessary to protect consumers.”

To learn more about Eyesafe Display, follow the link here.