Don’t fall prey to the money mule scam

Scammers use unsuspecting victims to move stolen money

It might sound like something out of a movie, but it's all too real for the victims.

Scammers are using people to move stolen money without them knowing, and the victims can face up to 30 years in prison and up to a $1 million fine.

It's happened with online dating, work at home jobs or even cash prizes. The scammers make people feel like they are in a relationship, that there’s a job offer, or that they won this big prize -- but it's all a scam.

Here’s how the elaborate scheme works:

So what can you do to avoid falling prey?

  • Don’t ever accept a job that asks you to transfer money
  • Never send money to collect a prize
  • Don’t send money back to an online love interest who has sent you money.

Criminals are good at making up reasons to get victims to move money.

Some even going as far as to say their life is on the line if you don’t send the money for them.

Do not believe them.

You are not only risking your money but your freedom.

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