Jacksonville company’s behind-the-scenes work makes online shopping easier

Online shopping numbers have increased dramatically during COVID-19 pandemic

Online Sales Increase from Impact of Coronavirus
Online Sales Increase from Impact of Coronavirus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary to leave. That is the message in Florida and Georgia, as stay-at-home orders are now underway. Only essential businesses are open, which has led to a lot of online shopping.

USA Today reported online sales have increased 25% overall since the outbreak began, with daily sales for online grocery shopping jumping 100%.

A good picture makes the all-important first impression for online shoppers. For PVS Studios off Baymeadows Road, that perfect shot is everything.

PVS Studios takes high-quality pictures of products. Those images are what shoppers see online in hopes of getting them to click and add to their carts.

Chief Operating Officer Michael Baumgaertner said that because the business helps enable online shopping and helps limit social interaction, it is considered an essential business.

Baumgaertner said he has noticed a little change in business.

"It's up," Baumgaertner said. "I know it will increase significantly. Maybe the effects won't be right away, but it will be very quickly."

As Baumgaertner showed News4Jax, photographers take all kinds of pictures. They can even take a full 360-degree image, allowing shoppers to see every angle.

"You can interactively rotate the product while online," Baumgaertner said.

Once the photographers finish up, the products used for pictures are boxed up and donated to charity.

With the coronavirus outbreak on everyone’s mind, online sales are up seemingly everywhere you look. In a way, the trend highlights the importance of the work being done in the studio. Baumgaertner said he can’t help but think about the impacts the coronavirus is having on everyone.

"It just kind of reminds me of the days years ago when I was in my family business," Baumgaertner said. "It was, it's a challenge. Every day is a challenge."

Baumgaertner said he believes the impacts of the coronavirus could inspire more companies to get online if they aren’t already.

The company has made adjustments internally due to COVID-19.

The photographers are wearing gloves, anyone who can work remotely does, and social distancing is in practice. If you’re interested in learning more about PVS Studios, you can check out their website here: https://www.pvsstudios.com/.

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