Tackling 3 main issues in beauty world: Acne, wrinkles and busting beauty myths

Consumer Investigator Lauren Verno is on a mission to save you money so she is showing us some drug store fixes for acne.

Let’s face it, with so many brands, choices, and ingredients all promising similar results, going to the drug store to find the right skincare products can be overwhelming.

We tackled three main issues in the beauty world acne, wrinkles, and busting beauty myths.

Starting with acne, Bold City Dermatologists Dr. Sarah Ferrer-Bruker recommends when hitting the drug store, it’s not as much about picking a certain brand as picking the right ingredients.

“Benzoyl peroxide is sort of like a topical antibiotic that we’ve used in dermatology for a long time. It kills bacteria and turns over your skin cells faster,” said Ferrer Bruker.

Which is exactly what you want for treating acne.

Some brands sell creams that contain 10% benzoyl peroxide, but in this case, more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

“Sometimes when you buy a higher percentage it can be very drying and irritating, you walk around a big flaky mess. I would recommend benzoyl peroxide 5% or lower and if you are prone to being flaky, I would recommend trying it with some moisturizer,” Ferrer Bruker said.

If you are going to use an acne cleanser, Ferrer Bruker said don’t rinse it off right away.

“You’re going to want to let it sit on for a little bit before you wash it off and then put on a medicated cream after,” Ferrer Bruker said.

The two drug store products Ferrer-Bruker likes:

Ferrer-Bruker said you can use both a cleanser and cream at the same.

Just try to keep the main ingredient in either product around that 5% mark.

If the acne persists, it becomes red and inflamed, or is scarring acne, that’s when Ferrer-Bruker recommends it is good to see a professional.


It is a lot to ask a working mom or busy dad to have a nine-step skincare routine to fix wrinkles.

Ferrer-Bruker said to keep the number of products you need down, focus on buying the right products.

Ferrer-Bruker said wearing sunscreen and sun-protective clothing is the number one way to prevent wrinkles, and the best sunscreen is the one you’re going to wear. Every day, no exceptions.

But it the damage is already done, Ferrer-Bruker suggested these four products:

As for a cleanser, Ferrer-Bruker said that is where she personally spends the least amount of money. She said as long as it doesn’t break out your skin or leave you squeaky clean, then it’s a good choice.

“This is a marathon. Nothing happens overnight, and the earlier you start the better, and if you protect your skin from sun damage that’s the cherry on top,” Ferrer-Bruker said.

If you’re not seeing the results you want after a few months, Ferrer-Bruker said that’s maybe the time to start thinking about seeing a professional for a prescription grade retinol, which is a retinoid.

Busting Beauty Myths

Myth No. 1

Putting toothpaste on a pimple overnight will make it go away.


“There is absolutely nothing to show that toothpaste on a pimple will speed up your recovery or the trajectory of the pimple, all sorts of natural treatments will lead to more irritants than anything,” Ferrer-Bruker said.

Myth No. 2

Taking biotin supplements makes your nail or hair grow faster, or skin brighter


“No, actually Biotin, there’s pretty weak evidence,” Ferrer-Bruker said. “Usually, people take it for hair and nail, it’s super popular, the evidence is just not good.”