Earn that raise! Top tips to get promoted

The average American worker will hold 12 jobs throughout their lifetime, and will only stay at each for a little more than four years. However, it has been found that there can be benefits to staying with the same company and taking a promotion.

The average American worker has 12 jobs throughout their lifetime with an average tenure of about 4.1 years with a single employer. That’s why it’s no surprise 65% of American workers are actively searching for a new full-time job right now. But maybe you should be considering moving up in the office instead of out of it.

Ivanhoe asks the question: What do you have to do to get that promotion?

“Are you the person influencing the leader? Are you bringing things to the table that a leader would want to take? Are you the voice of reason?” asked Bonnie Gisriel-Magerer, founder of Bpowered Consulting.

A survey from managers said they want employees to anticipate opportunities and problems.

“You’re not allowed to walk through my door with a problem unless you have some sort of solution and it doesn’t have to be the right solution, just a solution.” Gisriel-Magerer said.

They also want employees to care deeply about their colleagues and customers, be responsible, judicious and curious.

“You need to be growing, learning, teaching other people. Not being busy. Busy doesn’t do it,” explained Gisriel-Magerer.

Also, be a team player. Don’t manipulate and control every meeting. Be able to listen. But most importantly …

“Be faithful to the organization. Right now with COVID, there are so many people jumping ship there. There are so many people that are working two full-time jobs where neither job knows what the other one is doing. Be faithful to the employer that looks at you like you’re a valued person and that they value you in the company.” Gisriel-Magerer told Ivanhoe.

A Forbes poll found bosses want you to consider what you shouldn’t do, like don’t gossip, don’t show up late, and don’t become a mindless follower.

“Don’t be a brown noser. That’s not going to help you. You need to be genuine and authentic in what you’re bringing to the table,” explained Gisriel-Magerer.

And don’t be afraid to show off your passion for the position.

Bosses also say the best way to begin a conversation about getting a promotion is not by starting the discussion with “I deserve this position because,” but rather say, “If I had this opportunity, here’s what I can do for the company.”

And remember this, the typical employee will spend approximately 90,000 hours at work throughout their lifetime. That means people usually spend one-third of their lives working. So be sure you’re happy with the position you’re in.