Consumer Reports: What to buy in November that can save you money

Consumer Reports has a list of its top-tested items that are on-sale this month.

If you’re shocked by prices on nearly everything recently, you’re not alone. But with the early holiday shopping season already underway, there’s some good news: November is traditionally the best month to find big discounts on many products. Consumer Reports found deals on some of its top tested items to help kick-start your holiday shopping season and save you some money.

From TVs to vacuum cleaners to coffee makers, there are deals across the board this month, just in time for the holiday shopping. Consumer Reports tracks the prices of many of the products it tests all year long, so it knows exactly when they go on deep discount. Here are some to look out for in this month’s Best Time to Buy.

Most tech products are going to be at their deepest discounts for Thanksgiving, but if you’re looking for a TV, wait until Black Friday, when you’ll see the biggest deals. And keep in mind that sale prices will be fluctuating all month long, so if you see a good deal, grab it.

The Samsung OLED 4K UHD TV is CR’s top-rated 65-inch TV and is currently $1,997.99 at Abt Electronics and Amazon. CR says the 4K OLED smart TV is one of the best it has ever tested.

Next, surprise a coffee lover with a better coffeehouse-style brew. The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is a CR Recommended model that’s $169.99 at Amazon and Best Buy.

And even if it’s cold outside, you can heat things up with a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven! The Gyber Fremont 29-Inch Wood Fired Pizza Oven is now on sale for $254 at Lowe’s. CR says the wood-pellet heated outdoor pizza oven holds a slightly larger pizza of about 13 inches than other wood-fired options.

If certain types of earbuds would break your budget this year, CR says you can find others offering great sound quality for a fraction of the price. The Audio-Technica wireless earbuds are a CR Best Buy and currently $79 at Amazon.

And finally, if you plan to host guests for the holidays, save big now on keeping your home clean. The Eufy 11S Vacuum Cleaner is a CR Best Buy and is now $149.99 at Amazon. CR says the affordable robovac was great at navigating its specially designed test area, and the Eufy is also one of the quieter models it tested.

Consumer Reports also says to keep an eye out for deals on laptops and computers, air fryers, smartwatches, smart speakers, mattresses, and more. November is a good time to make a big dent on your shopping list—something for someone else and maybe yourself, too.

Saving money goes a long way in helping you have a stress-free holiday!