Don’t let credit card debt dampen your holiday spirit

More people are turning to payment plans and credit cards for the holidays as prices and inflation climb.

There are some steps you should take to protect yourself from lingering debt.

First, track your spending every week.

Your purchases can double or even triple during the holidays, but keeping tabs can help keep them from getting out of control.

Also, pay attention to different rewards. Some cards offer extra cash back on different items during the final months of the year. Planning can help you buy at the right place, at the right time.

And if you’re looking for a card before you start knocking out your list, opt for one that has a sign-up bonus. That can help you cover at least some of your expenses.

Finally, know the interest rates on each of your credit cards.

If you can’t avoid debt, you can at least limit it by charging a card with a lower interest rate.