Consumer Reports experts break down what to buy in March to get the best deals

Get ready for some deals this month! Consumer Reports tracks the prices of many of its top-tested products all year long, so it knows exactly when to shop for them. And with the official start of spring on March 20, you’ll find sales on items you’ll need to get ready.

“March is the first month of the year without a major shopping holiday, but there are still opportunities to find savings on something you may need right now,” said Consumer Reports Shopping Editor Samantha Gordon. “Our research has shown that air purifiers and vacuums tend to be especially affordable this month.”

Robotic vacuum

The Samsung Jet Bot AI+ (VR50T95735W) is on sale for as low as $679.95 at Samsung (Orig. Price $1,299.99). Consumer Reports says this robotic vacuum is an all-around champ in its tests for cleaning carpet, bare floors, pet hair, and the edges of walls and corners.

Air purifier

Nip spring allergies in the bud by keeping pollen at bay with an air purifier.

The Blueair Protect 7470i Air Purifier is as low as $380.99 at Best Buy (Orig. Price $759.99). In Consumer Reports’ tests, this air purifier received excellent marks when removing dust, smoke, and pollen.

String trimmer

Be the first in the neighborhood to have your lawn looking fresh this season with a new string trimmer.

The DeWalt DCST922P1 String Trimmer is now as low as $195.16 at Amazon (Orig. Price $219). This battery-powered trimmer aced Consumer Reports’ tests and is a great overall value.

Space heater

And don’t forget about items you can save money on now and stash away for next year.

The Vornado VMH600 Space Heater is as low as $159.99 at Amazon (Orig. Price $168.99). Consumer Reports says this is the best overall performer of all the space heaters in its tests.

Insulate your home

Consumer Reports also says March is a good time to invest in replacement windows. This project can help insulate your home, making it easier to keep things cool indoors during the summer and warm when the cooler weather returns in the winter.