5 Money mistakes couples make

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After drug abuse and infidelity, money mistakes that couples make is the third strongest predictor of divorce.  But there are things you can do to make sure money doesn't turn your marital bliss into a nightmare.

Poor communication is a big reason, so regularly set aside time to talk about money to prevent problems down the road.

Keeping secrets about your spending from your partner is another no-no. So, big or small, don't hide your purchases.

You can also open separate accounts, but make sure you are both on board with that decision.  Don't do it secretly.

If you have no budget, that's no good! Set one and have savings goals, whether it be for a house, car, or baby.  This will keep you motivated to stick with the plan.

Finally, even if you're young, make sure you have a will. it's something a lot of people put off, but having one can save your partner, family and in-laws from potentially messy legal problems.

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