Job posts online up 15% in Florida over last year

Number of job openings posted last month up more than 35K

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - More people are looking for jobs online. Many even rely solely on the Internet to find work.

With that in mind, there's some good news for Florida's unemployment market: The number of available job openings posted online in the Sunshine State is up dramatically.

The governor's office says it's up 15.1 percent over the last year. It's something Amy McGeorge, CEO of Talagy, a local staffing firm, hasn't seen in years.

"I've been doing this for four years, and this is the most I've seen in that time," she said. "So it's really exciting, and I was really thrilled to say I was looking at some of our openings, we have college graduate openings right now. We haven't had entry level jobs for several years."

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reports the number of job openings posted online this September is up 35,277, for a total of 268,575 openings.

"I think some of it is the retail season, so we're seeing retailers are really ramping up," McGeorge said. "So that impacts everything from call centers to actual retail clients to those who service them."

Danielle Minnick started a new job this week. She wouldn't be employed if it weren't for online job boards.

"I think that it is just so easy to just get on the computer and search for what you're looking for," Minnick said. "I think it's also easier for companies to post everything, every single job requirement, what they're looking for rather than having everyone call and flood their people that are at work or (human resources)."

Searching online job boards is one of the easiest ways to find something, but experts say it's not the only tool job seekers should use.

"A job search really means talking to people and going out and really making sure recruiting firms know you're available, hiring managers know you're available, your friends, your neighbors all know, because people ask other people about who to hire," McGeorge said. "So please don't think you're doing a job search if you're sitting at your desk all day just submitting resumes online."

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