Kids and cash: 3 money mistakes parents make

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Pay attention, parents!  Reports say most of our notions about money are formed by the time we are six years old.  That means the things moms and dads do early on, could affect their child's chances of being smart with money.  

There's no doubt, we teach our kids a lot of good things.  But as they get older, we could also be teaching them to flush their money right down the toilet.

Parenting Magazine says to help your kids learn good money management skills, don't send mixed messages.  Avoid buying yourself something you want right after you tell your child you can't afford to buy them something they want.

Next, don't always give in to their wants.  Experts say it's important kids know the difference between want and need.  It can help them realize buying the more expensive, trendy item means that money can't be used to buy something else.

Finally, don't bail them out!  If your child blows his or her allowance, resist giving them an advance.   If children feel what it's like to not have the cash for things they want, it could help them learn to live within their means.

Now here's something to ask yourself.  Are you a saver or a spender?  A study out of the University of Washington says we could be genetically wired to be what we are, and there's not a whole lot we can do about it. Researchers analyzed the spending habits of 15,000 sets of twins and found most twins had the same spending patterns, even those who were out of contact with one another.

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