Study: It pays to look good

What working women wear does make a difference

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A study out of the U.K. shows more than 60 percent of women have spent more than $6,000 of their salary on new clothes with the intention of furthering their career. Research shows when it comes to working women, what you wear matters.

A tip for waitresses: wear something red. A study from the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research found men tipped up to 26 percent more to servers rocking scarlet.

Your make-up bag may also hold the key to success. Boston University researchers found women who wear make-up appear to be more likeable, trustworthy, and competent. Just don't overdo it. Too much can have the opposite effect.

Finally, heels can help boost your position at work. A study in the American Psychological Association found taller women tend to get paid more. Each inch over 5'3" could be worth an extra $800 a year.

Men's appearance also plays a significant role in their lives. Attractive men earn more money, find high earning spouses, and get better deals on mortgages. Height also matters. Tall men get higher salaries because they are seen as authoritative and leader-like.

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