12-foot alligator captured after teen attacked in Florida river

Winter Springs teen suffers puncture wounds to head, back

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A 12-foot gator believed to have attacked a teen in Seminole County is captured.

GENEVA, Fla. - A 12-foot alligator who wildlife officials believe attacked a teen swimming in the Little Econlockhatchee River in Seminole County was captured on Tuesday night.

Andrew Hudson, 17, of Winter Springs, suffered puncture wounds to his head and back Monday afternoon when the alligator snapped down on his head.

IMAGES: Teen attacked by 10-foot alligator

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission trapper George Walrath captured the gator, which was 2 feet longer than Hudson estimated.

"It is nearly impossible to know for certain whether or not this is the gator that bit the 17-year-old, but the fact that it was easily attracted to bait that was set very close to where Hudson was bitten, and that is showed little fear of the trapper, indicates a high probability that it is the alligator we were targeting," the FWC said.

Hudson was swimming with some friends at the Little Big Econ State Forest near Geneva when he kicked what he thought was a log in the water.  The object was actually an alligator and it came up behind Hudson and pulled him underwater.

"He basically took me under right after it happened," Hudson said. "I started elbowing and fighting to get away.  I found out it was a gator and basically went crazy trying everything I could to get away."

The alligator loosened its grip, and Hudson says he swam as fast as he could to escape the alligator. When he got to shore, blood was running from the top of his head. Hudson wrapped his shorts around his head to stop the bleeding.

Hudson said he knew that alligators live in the river, but he decided to go swimming anyway.

"I've been going there since I was in middle school," he said. "I just never thought something like this would happen."

He was treated at South Seminole Hospital and later was released after receiving staples on his head and stitches on his forehead.

The captured alligator will be processed for its meat and hide.

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