2 Arrested In Video Game Store Robbery

Manager Had Portion Of Ear Bitten Off During Crime In June

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The manager of a Westside video game store was robbed and had a portion of his ear bitten off during the crime last year.

Rey Kinney talked Wednesday about the unusual attack after the two suspects connected with the crime were arrested.

Police said Christopher Watson robbed Kinney in June and bit part of his ear off. His neighbor, Tracy Edwards, was also arrested. Police said Edwards bandaged Watson after he was shot by the robbery victim.

On the day of the robbery, one of the suspects got Kinney's attention while the other pulled out a gun, Kinney said.

He said he fought back, stunning his attackers.

"You could just tell the look on their face afterwards," Kinney said. "They expected me more or less just to go along with it, which I did for the most part, but he started snatching on me and stuff. Take what you want, just don't mess with me."


Police said when Watson bit Kinney's ear, he left DNA evidence in the store, which prosecutors can use.

"What happened there can pretty much happen anywhere," Kinney said. "It could have been a lot worse."

Kinney said because of surgery and skin grafts, it took him about two months to get back to work.

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