Judge Sentences Triple Murderer To Death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The death sentence for convicted triple murderer Chip Carter was made official on Thursday.

The judge in Carter's case upheld the jury's recommendation that Carter be executed for killing three people in 2002.

In September 2005, Carter was found guilty after admitting to killing his ex-girlfriend, Liz Reed; her daughter, Courtney Smith; and her boyfriend, Glenn Pafford.

Prosecutors turned down a life in prison plea deal, saying a death sentence was their only option.

"These were innocent victims that were murdered. They weren't just shot once, but over and over," said Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

The jury suggested Carter be sentenced to life in prison for the death of Smith, but recommended that he receive death for the murders of Pafford and Reed.

Carter made one last comment to the judge before his sentence was read.

"I was physically responsible for these deaths, but I wasn't mentally responsible," Carter said.

The three families connected by the brutal murders expressed their relief and shed tears as the judge read Carter's sentence.

"I'll never be healed, really, but I'm relieved to know he will get what he deserves," said Glenn Pafford's mother, Cora Pafford.

Reed's parents said the timing of the ruling could not have been better.

"It was a happy ending. This is a great, wonderful Christmas present for our family," said Reed's mother, Kay Null.

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