Man Accused Of Hotel Threats Held On $22K Bond

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – The man accused of walking into the lobby of the Casa Monica Hotel in downtown St. Augustine early Monday armed with a loaded shotgun shed tears in court on Tuesday morning as he talked to a judge.

Police said Gary Lamphier, 41, of Sanford, was taken into custody less than one block from the hotel. In addition to the weapon, authorities said they also found a box of shotgun shells and marijuana in Lamphier's SUV at the valet parking entrance to the hotel.

"He waved the shotgun around, made a couple threats," said St. Augustine Police Department Sgt. Barry Fox. "He then threatened one of the staff that was on a cell phone ... took that gentleman's cell phone. Went back to the vehicle, put the shotgun back in the vehicle, started walking down the street, where he was taken into custody."

Lamphier was charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery, possession of a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana.

On Tuesday, Lamphier made his first appearance before a judge.

Although the reasoning behind Lamphier's actions remains unknown, the judge called the incident bizarre and suggested the incident might have been medically caused because Lamphier told the judge he takes Prozac.

"I have to say the whole thing is very bizarre, and it sounds as though it's probably related to a medical condition or psychological condition," the judge said in court.

Lamphier's wife was also in the courtroom and talked to the judge on her husband's behalf. According to Lamphier's wife and the attorney representing him, the man has no history of criminal problems.

The judge set Lamphier's bond at $22,000. He remained in jail at noon.