Pay Kids For Chores With A Debit Card

Opinions are mixed about a new Web site that takes children's allowance to a whole new level. It's called www.payjr.com, and it puts a technological twist on doing chores.

Julie Thompson is the mother of a 5-year-old boy. She said "I think technology can help you in different ways and I think as long as the basics are still there, you're controlling it and you're still monitoring whether they're doing it or not, I think if the technology helps you, it's fine."

Here's how it works: parents and children join the site and come up with a list of chores and just how much money each chore is worth. Once the child finishes the chore, they mark it as done and an email is sent to parents asking them to confirm the task is indeed completed. Once confirmed, the child gets the money on their debit card. The site also allows parents to monitor what their children are buying.

Here's the link: www.payjr.com