Fear Drives Pizza Delivery Out Of Eureka Gardens

Pizza Hut, Domino's Stop Delivery

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For some Westside residents already inconvenienced by violence, it's no longer possible to get pizza delivered to their doors.

Two pizza chains have stopped sending drivers into certain neighborhoods they feel have become too dangerous.

The most recent addition to that list is the Eureka Gardens Apartments on Labelle Street. Pizza Hut had already stopped sending drivers there. After an armed robbery Tuesday, Domino's also stopped delivering to the area.

According to the police report, someone pulled a gun and pointed at a driver's head and punched the driver twice on the cheek and once on the chin. The gunman left after the driver tossed him cash.

Police said the robber got away with $30.

Folks who work at a nearby Pizza Hut told Channel 4's Vickie Pierre that they have not delivered to Eureka Gardens for some time. It's one of nine apartment complexes they will not deliver to after 6 p.m. because they've had drivers robbed at each of those locations.

Residents are not happy they can't get food delivery.

"Domino's should really reconsider, because we're probably the majority of their clientele," said Eureka Gardens resident Derice Highlands. "I think that's kind of messed up, but then again, can you blame them?"

Some residents said they'd like to see those pizza places meet them halfway.

"Maybe have them drop it off at the front office. Or have the pizza man wait at the front office, where there are cameras and you could pick your orders up from there," said resident Jasmine Howard.