Interlachen On Edge After String Of Robberies

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Police in a small Putnam County town are trying to solve a string of armed robberies over the past month.

In a town that can't get much smaller, the tension level can't get much bigger.

"I don?t like it at all. It's getting pretty bad out here," said one resident.

Deputies said there have been five robberies in the Interlachen area since Aug. 5, and they said it is possible the same crook is behind all of the crimes.

The most recent robbery took place at Lit'l Caesars bar, where two customers were jumped the parking lot. Down the road, the Fast Track minimart has been hit a few times.

McCauley's Tavern has been hit as well.

"Just the fact that their they're all within relatively close proximity of each other and that fact that we don?t have whole lot of this in Putnam County -- not these types or robberies. We believe that it may be the same person or at least a group of persons," said Putnam County Sheriff's Office Maj. Keith Riddick.

Now, the sheriff's office said it's putting extra manpower in the usually quiet town in an attempted to capture the culprit.

"People are afraid to come out at night," said one man.

"A lot more of us rednecks are packing pistols. Yes, sir," said another.

The sheriff's office said whomever has committed the crimes has always worn a ski mask.

"He's very brazen. He keeps hitting. Somebody is going to get hurt before it's all over with, and in rural Putnam County it may be him," Riddick said.