Review Board Says Officers Acted Properly In Shooting Suspects

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four Jacksonville sheriff's officers were found to have acted within the department's procedure in the cases of two separate police shootings.

The two police-involved shootings were examined on Wednesday by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office review board, which heard from the officers about what exactly happened.

One of the shootings involved an armed robbery suspect who tried to holdup the Fifth Third Bank on St. Augustine Road on June 23.

Officers received a call about an armed robbery at the bank and gave chase to the suspect, later identified as 50-year-old James Martin Imbrani, who they said was traveling in a stolen truck.

They said Imbrani stopped in the middle of the road after running over spiked "stop sticks" and got out and pointed what appeared to be a gun at the police. That's when officers opened fire, killing the man.

Police later found that Imbrani's weapon was actually a fake gun painted black to make it look real.

The second police shooting reviewed on Wednesday was one that happened after a July 4 celebration at an Arlington nightclub.

Two men were shot in that incident.

Police said the party at Plush nightclub got out of control near closing time.

Two off-duty officers said they heard gunshots being fired in the parking lot and went to investigate.

"We turn around and we see muzzle flashes. Myself and Officer Johnson start running up along the raised curb area between the parked cars," said JSO Officer Jose Gonzales.

When Johnson arrived, the gunman was still shooting.

"He was firing the gun with one hand, like so. I yelled, 'Police.' The subject didn't acknowledge me," Johnson said.

Police later identified the man as 18-year-old Calief Bush. The man jumped into a car, which then began heading straight toward the officers, police said.

"I moved back and was against the bumper of a car. I see headlights coming toward me, thinking he's going to pin me and kill me in between the car," Johnson said.

The officer opened fire on the vehicle, causing the driver to crash into the club. After the crash, an armed man, identified by police as Cariel Britt, got out of the car. Gonzalez fired several shots, hitting Britt at least one time.

Both Britt and Bush survived their injuries.

The four officers involved in the two shootings were found to have acted within JSO guidelines.