Fans Accused Of Beating Security Guard At Jags Game

Police: Fight Started Over Beer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Three Jaguars fans were arrested at Sunday's home game after police said the men attacked a security guard.

The altercation began just an hour and a half after kickoff in the Sky Terrance section of the stadium just above the Bud Zone after a security guard told one man he could not buy any more beer.

Antonio Martinez, James Cotton and Shaun Perkins were arrested and taken to jail.

According to the police report, Martinez tried to hit the security guard and missed, and then "the guard pushed the suspect away in self-defense but was then grabbed by Mr. Martinez and taken to the ground."

The report states that while the security guard was on the ground, Cotton picked up a wooden folding chair and hit the guard in the back of the head.

Perkins kicked the man in the back of the head, a witness told police.

According to police reports, the attackers were all wearing Jaguars jerseys and they were all drunk and slurring their words.

Bill Prescott of the Jacksonville Jaguars spoke with Channel 4 last month about the NFL fan code of conduct, and said this type of behavior will not be tolerated at any game.

"We want to make sure all fans have a good experience at the game," said Prescott.

He said their goal is to make sure everyone who shows up to see the Jags play will have a positive and safe experience.

Martinez, Cotton and Perkins were all face battery charges and each is being held on $15,000 bond.

The Jaguars front office said it is looking into the incident and, if the men are season ticket holders, they could loose their tickets.