Line Forms For $2.85 Gas In Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – One motorist stopping for gas a station just of Interstate 95 Friday said something no one has heard about gasoline for a while: "It's cheap."

That was Jessica Acree's comment about the $2.85 per gallon gas at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Brunswick.

Equally important as being inexpensive, it was plentiful.

That had drivers going out of their way to fill up. Cynthia Boss drove from Folkston to the intersection of U.S. Highway 17 and I-95. While the Flying J, it several stations in that area were selling gas below $3.

"My nephew told me about it, so I came right over 'cause this truck holds so much gas," Boss said.

She said she'll save $30 or $40 to fill her tank, so it was worth the drive.

"I have relatives here and they're calling me: 'Hey you, need to come over to the Flying J. Gas is $2.85 a gallon," said Rick Thompson from Jacksonville. "It's incredible."

He was in Georgia on a hunting trip, so it wasn't that far out of his way and he said he'll save at least $10 -- money he can use for groceries.

While gas tends to cost less in Georgia than Florida due to lower fuel taxes, it isn't usually this cheap. According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of unleaded in Georgia is $3.58.

Station officials told Channel 4's Dan Leveton that prices in southern Georgia are usually the lowest in the state, but it is particularly low right now because of an abundant supply.

Don Holliday and his wife from Titusville were driving a motor home and expected to spend $200 for a fill-up. He said he saved at least $30 by filling up Friday at the Flying J.

The low prices did attract enough motorists to create a backup at the pumps, but those in line told Channel 4's Dan Leveton they didn't mind waiting.