Police Kill Gunman Outside Arlington Nightclub

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A gun-wielding suspect was shot and killed by a Jacksonville sheriff's officer outside the Plush Night Club on University Boulevard near the Arlington Expressway early Sunday morning.

Officers patrolling the crowded parking last about 2:30 a.m. as the club was emptying heard several gunshots and found Michael Felder, 24, firing a 9mm handgun into the air.

"The officer engaged the subject that was shooting in the air, ordering him to 'Drop the weapon, drop the weapon,'" JSO Chief Rick Graham said. "The parking lot was still full of patrons trying to make their way to their cars as this subject is shooting in the air randomly."

There's no indication anybody was shot or injured from the gunfire.

"He started running with the gun still in his hand. An officer orders him to 'Drop the gun, drop the gun,'" Graham said. "He does not and turns toward the direction of the other officers at which time a single shot was fired, striking the suspect and he was pronounced deceased here at the scene."

Graham identified the officer who fired the shot as Ronald Jackson, a 10-year veteran of the JSO who off-duty and working security at the club.

Police said Felder had a police record for trespassing and traffic infractions.

Sunday's incident is the third deadly shooting involving Jacksonville police in the past three days. Two robbery suspects were shot and killed in separate incidents Thursday afternoon and evening.

This is the second police-involved shooting outside of the Plush nightclub in the past seven months.