Elderly Man Killed By Police; Family To Sue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a man shot and killed by Jacksonville police two years ago has sent a letter to City Hall, alerting the city they plan to sue the city and the sheriff's office.

Isaac Singletary, 80, died in 2007. Undercover officers were conducting a drug investigation outside his South Metro home when police said the he came outside with a gun, mistaking the officers for drug dealers.

Singletary's family and the State Attorney's Office said that Singletary thought the undercover officers were real drug dealers and tried to chase them off his property with a gun.

Police said they had no choice but to shoot the man, but Singletary's family members said they still have many questions about what happened.

" An elderly, 80-year-old man on his own property should not have been killed by the Jacksonville Sheriff Office or anybody else," said Singletary's nephew, Gary Evans.

During testimony in August 2007 at a police review board, the undercover detectives said all they saw was the gun.

"There was no other recourse that I had other than to defend my life," said detective James Narcisse, one of the officers who fired his gun at Singletary. "Actually, what I yelled was, 'Drop the gun.' I repeatedly was yelling, 'Drop the gun. Drop the gun.' At this point, I'm thinking he is going to kill me -- he is going to shoot me. So, I am moving back toward the tree for cover, and things are happening so fast that I don't have time to get completely behind the tree to confront the threat at which point my weapon is drawn and I shoot and he goes down," Narcisse said.

Two officers fired their guns, killing Singletary.

A review board later decided the officers did follow department guidelines.

Singletary's family must wait six months before they can file a lawsuit.