Anthony's newest lawyer discusses case

Macaluso says Casey Anthony shouldn't be in jail

ORLANDO, Fla. – A defense team has been put in place for the trial of Casey Anthony, who is facing charges that she murdered her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Eight attorneys will strategize over the next few months to defend Casey Anthony, and at least one of them -- Todd Macaluso -- is already openly saying the defendant is innocent.

"She should not be in jail right now," said Macaluso, who met Casey Anthony for the first time Monday.

Macaluso is a high-powered California attorney who handles a lot of civil case litigation. He's previously represented professional baseball players and the families of Marines. According to his biography, he's settled cases for a total of about $200 million for his clients and he said he has a 92 percent win rate in jury cases.

Now Macaluso will bring his talents to the eight-lawyer defense team for Casey Anthony.

"The more people and the more talent and different experience that we have on the case will certainly contribute to the best case being put on," Macaluso said. "I think everyone adds a different dimension to a very good trial team."

This is a combination that Macaluso thinks will be successful.

"I'm confident that we can win this case," Macaluso said, who said he wouldn't have joined the team if he didn't think they could win.

Part of Macaluso's confidence is based on his opinion of the state's case against Casey Anthony.

"Putting aside the quote 'junk science,' the prosecution has no evidence in this case," Macaluso said.

The "junk science" that Macaluso mentioned refers to the forensic tests that have been done in this case, including those on hair in Anthony's car and alleged evidence of decomposition.

"We just want you to wait until the evidence is presented at trial. There's an explanation for everything," said Macaluso, whose expertise is in the technical aspects of a trial and in cross-examining witnesses.

One area where the defense knows it's not winning is the battle of public opinion. Macaluso urged people to wait until the trial before making a judgment.

"The evidence is going to be very surprising to a lot of people in this community," Macaluso said.

While representing Casey Anthony could be considered a career risk for Macaluso, the attorney isn't concerned.

"If I thought she was guilty, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. I'd be in San Diego enjoying the good weather," Macaluso said.