Family Of 7 Tied Up, Dad Kidnapped

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A family of seven was recently tied up and terrorized inside their Brentwood home. They told police that three armed, masked robbers forced them into a back room of their home and trashed the place.

The home-invasion robbery happened at a home on Linda Drive Sunday night. The victims included five children ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old and their mother.

The police report states the robbers repeatedly asked where's the money.

According to police documents, the father came in while his family was being tied up and the robbers attacked him and forced him into the trunk of his car, telling him they were taking him somewhere and were going to keep him until they got what they wanted.

Police said the father was able to find the safety latch in the car's trunk and climbed out of the trunk in the middle of traffic.

They said a friend noticed the car and saw the man get out of the trunk near the intersection of Lem Turner Boulevard and Interstate 95. The friend picked up the man and they called 911, police reports state.

When police arrived at the home, they found the victims still tied up but unharmed.

"He found the safety latch. I just say it was God's grace that he was able to get out. That could have gone really, really bad," said neighbor Naome Ford.

People who live nearby said the neighborhood is very quiet and that they were shocked to learn what police said happened to the family of seven.

"To know that something like that is going on in this neighborhood really does bother me," said neighbor Maurice Cobb. "That really bothers me that kids were involved and they have no remorse for the kids."

The father received cuts and bruises during the incident. None of the other family members were injured during the home invasion.

A person who answered the family's door on Tuesday said none of the victims were at home and that they were packing their belongings and moving.