Jackson Football Coach Resigns Amid Cuts

Quinn Gray Says Uncertainty Of Sports In Duval Schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Andrew Jackson football coach Quinn Gray is leaving Jacksonville disappointed after just one season at the helm.

The idea that high school sports could be eliminated altogether is something the former Jaguars quarterback can hardly believe.

"The determining factor was all the uncertainty when it comes to Duval schools and athletics for the season," Gray said of why he's resigning. "It would be a shame for the kids in the upcoming year, because a lot of students use sports as an outlet, and they use it as a motivator as well."

Gray has accepted a job at Florida A&M, where he'll be the quarterbacks coach. He said proposed budget cuts targeting sports in Duval County will ultimately hurt the students.

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Gray said he's already seeing students getting discouraged with just the talk of eliminating sports. He said it will be even worse if it becomes a reality.

"A lot of the kids are down on themselves and not motivated because of this," Gray said.