Black Panthers Protest Police Shooting

Group Says Investigators Went Too Far In Fatal Shooting Thursday Afternoon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Members of the New Black Panther party met with families in the Cleveland Arms Apartments Saturday afternoon, where a man was shot and killed by police earlier in the week.The group said investigators went too far.

"We don't believe that a man who had one leg, who was inside a house, would be willing to pull a weapon at police," said Mikhail Muhammad with the New Black Panther Party. "We believe the Police Department has committed a violent act of terrorism."

The shooting happened Thursday when police were serving an arrest warrant for drugs. Investigators said they forced their way into apartment 167, where 29-year-old Herbert Harris, a fugitive from Ohio, was staying. They say when Harris pointed a gun at officers, an undercover officer fired, killing Harris.

"You hate it when it turns out this way," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Chief John Hartley. "It is a dangerous business."

Police said they had to defend themselves, but the New Black Panther party said JSO should not have taken such drastic measures.

"It's going to come a time when our police department starts to pay the price for killing our people," Muhammad said.

JSO fired five shots. Two of them hit the suspect. JSO said they were just doing their job.