Jax Resident Worries For Libyan Family

Man Watches News Constantly In Hopes Situation Doesn't Get Worse

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Abdelwahab Rajab hasn't been back to Libya to see his family in 25 years, but he knows exactly what they're going through.

Rajab said he watches news reports day and night.

"We go from CNN to Al Jazeera to Al Arabiya," Rajab said. "We watch all of them around the clock, so if we are able to sneak in one hour of sleep, we're lucky."

Rajab's entire family is in Libya. He said their lives have always been in danger under Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's rule.

Now, he's relieved the coalition has stepped in.

"Now it's much better than it used to be," Rajab said. "He was about to go to Benghazi and eradicate everybody there."


Rajab uses the Internet to communicate with family and friends. He said his family can't call him in the U.S. much because the calls would be traced and could put them in danger.

"He would get rid of anybody opposed to him either by killing them or sending them to prison or following them outside of the country and killing them," Rajab said.

He said he's hopeful Gadhafi will soon be out of power.

In the meantime, Rajab is following every development on TV, hoping the situation doesn't get worse for his family.

"(Gadhafi) told them all if somebody would try to overthrow me, I would make sure to burn the country before I leave it. So I am terrified for that," Rajab said.