'Cheez-It Bandit' Sentenced To 8 Years

Police: Man Burglarized 2 Sandalwood Homes, Paused For Photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man dubbed the Cheez-It bandit has pleaded no contest to burglary and been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Kristopher Marlowe, 27, was arrested in October after a tip was phoned into Crime Stoppers.

Police said Marlowe paused for a photo while holding a box of Cheez-Its and wearing a Jaguars cap signed by coach Jack Del Rio -- both taken during the burglary of two homes in a Sandalwood neighborhood.

Police released that picture hoping someone recognized the man, and they eventually got a call from someone saying a man staying in a room at a Days Inn looked like the bandit.

According to police, when officers arrived and showed Marlowe the photo, he said he "pointed to it and said, 'Yeah that?s me.'"