Teens Guilty Of Murder In Police Shooting

Teens Linked To Police-Involved Shooting Death Of 5th Suspect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It took just two days for a jury to find four teens guilty of two crimes that took place nearly two years ago.

Harvey Blank, Antwan Mann, Troy Mann and De Vonta Mayberry were all convicted Wednesday of second-degree murder in a police-involved shooting and attempted robbery on the Westside in August 2009.

All four of them were charged as adults.

Police arrested two of the four on attempted armed robbery charges the night of the crime. They later tracked down the other two.

A fifth member of the group, 21-year-old Antonio Kendrick, tried to run from police. That's when officers started firing and killed him.

The death of someone during the commission of the crime is what led the four teens to face murder charges.

They will be in court for a sentencing hearing May 9.