Sex Predator Sells Ice Cream Truck

Concerns Of Community Convinces Predator To Sell Truck

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – It's not a crime, but it certainly raised eyebrows and concerns in a Clay County community.

A registered sexual predator who has been selling ice cream to children agreed with the community Monday that he should sell his ice cream truck.

Jackie Hall was convicted of sexual battery in 1993 and spent 11 years in jail. When laws changed about where sexual predators can live and how close they can be to children in 1995, Hall was grandfathered in, so the changes did not affect him.

Neighbors said Hall has lived in the Middleburg neighborhood for nearly three years without any problems.

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Hall said he bought an ice cream truck within the past two weeks. He said the truck belongs to his wife, and the two are collectively selling ice cream to both children and adults.

Hall said it was hard for him to find a job because he is a registered sexual predator, so they bought the truck to sell ice cream.

A group of angry residents confronted Hall at his house on Monday, and after bouts of yelling, they convinced him to sell his truck.

Hall said he is selling the truck for $2,400, and by the end of the night, a group called No Peace For Predators came up with the money and bought the vehicle.

Asked what the group planned to do with the truck, spokesman David Rowe said: "We'll put 'Justice for Somer' on it ... sell some ice cream, I guess."